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and critique with imperfection

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Industry standard on still under.Three, the literature criticize to have already criticized literature critical value and lie in aiming at a literature phenomenon, literature activity and literature in time current of thought carry on the analysis of science and explain and adjudicate, finally is achieving and shortage, excellent long make judgment and critique with imperfection.More being active is liberal of the literature environment is more the literature phenomenon of numerous and complicated complications and more nike free run 3 australianeed literature to criticize to adhere to the attitude of serious science, reasonableness candor, Zhen don't the good and the bad, clearly distinguish right and wrong, push the construction or purchase of the correct literature view and the healthy growth of the literature.At at that moment literature critique field area in, the Marxist literature criticizes faint voice, critique principle, judgment the standard disorder, literature critique oneself also face the problem of marginalization trend and public's trust shortage, this and at that moment some critics criticize spirit imperfection and criticize that the sharp point fades away, the literature criticizes praise or blame Zhen don't the function weaken and become to give public recognition and give public recognition by one's own, even is vulgar to turn, the tool turn of aggrandize and build power have a toll-gate to fasten very much.Today's literature critic faces an unprecedented history situation.Social public opinion and literature create current to change more, the mindset is each different, related words environment and benefits relation deliver more diverse complicated

, Criticize the words adhere to of external factor and the effect outside the field causing is complicated.But this doesn't mean that the critic can enchant a position, give up a principle and trend blindly and lose to at least recognize ability and critique consciousness.Critic have to with investigate the truth, announce to public problem, sincere critique for man's natural duty.Although is as next as impact in the market economy, influence with cultural business, people's value, benefits view took place a lot of varieties, this doesn't mean that the critic can put personal praise and blame honor versus dishonor and the personal private interest at first, take no cognizance to even leave the occupation conscience and bottom line of leaving the nike shox turbo 13 australiacritic.Now, some critics thought in front not to dare to give out sound in the bad current of thought, cheap interest and mistake, don't dare flag Be fresh to clearly put forward critique.The some critic's eyes all of the insides is face, turn son and human feelings, persistently with is creating a behind to nod to echo, vulgar aggrandize, clap a horse to flatter, give public recognition only and perhaps and didn't can say enough to say to the utmost, criticize to then skulk, the personal integrity even having degenerates, the style is lowly, criticize literature to see as try to gain academic capital, behavior to stir-fry to make to build power of tool.When the critic kept off critique and was criticize to all become to give public recognition, the criticized meaning also now loses.Like this doing not only breaks

The ecosystem of literature creations disobeys the essence of literature critique, and makes critic lose to save the basis that the body signs speech.The literature creations is the production line of public product.Literature house and critics all need to control male heart.Whether the critique still keeps giving public recognition or not, the starting points are all social cultural value and the crowd's cultural benefits, this benefits includes to thought of, value of, appreciate beauty.Under this premise, the literature house and critic completely should insist that the standard, open heart meets, Ping-ho forgive.A good literature house, be good at is nike air presto australiaaccepting to progress unremittingly in the critique.But a qualified critic, have to withstand the test of character and bottom line to the identity and responsibility that must rise a critic, don't win an embodiment to the literature in the praise or blame Zhen, to society with is manily taken.Is only such, then creations and critique can progress together.Develop progress in the literature in, necessary quest with contend for blaring, creations and critique all need to constantly deepen understanding and raise level.The voice with no critical attitude and critique, voice of one shout bravo and give public recognition, difficult have been already deepened and raise.Have critique just can have theory to argue and learn by exchanging views, the truth always argues more clear more.People's the public need to have to criticize spirit

much is a good work

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Use a western theory, writer, artist not buy Zhang, people's the public also not accept, the critique like this must be invalid critique.Two, the art standard is higher than standard present literature of business to criticize, face the game of art standard and business standard.Some critics, to the choice that criticizes object, don't set out from the position of art, but set out from the position of business, which works is being held by heat and then tracking which works on the market;For adjudicating literature work, with click a rate, viewer rating and sale quantity is basis, thought to sell quantity so much is a good work, replace an art with the business standard standard.In the movement of market economy, literature work's hasing a merchandise attribute is cheap nike free trainer 5.0 nrgobjective fact, but not ability consequently equal an art work in brief art merchandise, more don't can regard as business rule art rule.We approve the literature work alignment market and pass the market as the masses of the people choose.But even if head for a market, circulate by merchandise form, the literature work also has its special.This special be, the merchandise of literature work is taking art as is antecedent, the art is the first of, the merchandise is the second.Common merchandise of

With can become a merchandise, because it has use value.Literature work of so can appear by merchandise form, certainly also is because it has use value.But, different from common merchandise, the use value of literature work is exactly its art.It is exactly this art, make people let people get the solace of the baptism, spirit of the smoked pottery, mind of the United States with warmth and the strength.Lost an art, a literature work not worth a damn, certainly also the doesn't matter merchandise.Now but speech, have no art to have no merchandise.Our firmness advocates that the art standard can not equal business standard, but we usually face the complicated relation of their existence.The some time, art and market are consistent, excellent work at popular on thecheap nike free 6.0 market, the good work contains good market.Popular market several years of Chinese and Foreign classic Zhao is a proof.But more of time, the market deviates from an art, the Yan has no an exquisite article and reject classic, walk Qiao of Be just vulgar article, gorgeous article.Particularly is at at that moment, the capital gets involved and various factitiousness stir-fry to make of interference, cause the market circumstances of literature work's being getting more complicated, shouting bravo isn't good box-office the phenomenon ofis good box-office don't shout bravo often sees

It isn't fresh.In this case, in brief and only Ma Shou in the market is to look forward, using the Zhen that the various sale placard, ranking replaces art quality do not, our double the eye will be hoodwinked, will lose the ability to make judgment of literature and discriminate dint.Face a market, the critic's responsibility is to cultivate and guide, not caters to and condescends to take up.With the critic's conscience with take, persistence thought and art standard, cover with sand Jian in the literature work that a great nike free 5.0+ australiadeal of tidewater sort flows out gold, go to thick take Jing, thought, art, appreciate sex to highly concentrate of the exquisite article excellent piece Tao select and recommend to the people the public and accomplish good market environment and actively healthy ages vogue, is a critical value place.At that moment some critics exactly made the position anti- and overrode business standard at the art standard on, be led long a nose by the market to walk.The critic isn't to guide a market, guide to consume, but became a market of push a hand, money of slave.An esthetics vogue of ages should not be the result of negative market choice, but should be the result that artist and critic cooperate a creation.To some extent that, the conscience and pure degree of a critic, embody to place art standard at the company at him

as linguistics theory birth

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The square is standard, an excellent piece, otherwise, no matter how the public welcome, is all article.The literature work of Chinese creations well with not good, the reader of this race and audience says not to calculate, have to adjudicate with the western and contemporary literature theory, somebody else says really and just calculates well, this kind of strange strange phenomenon has already been criticized for various communities.We admit that the prosperity development of literature have to adhere to open carriage.Culture of each race all has in the world own excellent long, characteristics, culture of different race nike free run 3 womensstares at mutually, each other Di Li, promote mutually, is a civilization to progress together of strong power.Since new period, the literature art of China can include today a like this prosperous weather, an among those the important reason is outward opening of cultural realm, the leading of other nations and the race literature work, literature theories including west lie and opened widely the way of thinking and visual field of Chinese literature house.But, we have to recognize pure, the whole culture including literature art, all have a fresh clear race attribute.This kind of race attribute, the deep place flows to drip from the faraway history but is profoundly precipitated to the blood of race in.There is no race characteristic, have no race culture, livinging of literature art

Grow with development particularly such.The Chinese nation history is long, the literature art achieves glorious glitter.Talk about by literature, from first prose Qin arrive two man the Ci endow with and arrive a dollar from the phrase of Tang Shi Song song pure sound, from clearly the pure novel arrive modern classic, sink Qian after endless history, Chinese literature formed stable but strong tradition.This kind of is traditional, constructed Chinese nation of special appreciate beauty.Appreciate beauty anti- Su again race literature, the literature of race shows appreciating beauty of race.Both mutually agree to mutually match and and is hard to partition.Just because of such, the place of the ingenious pound of Bo of Chinese literature work, much time is hard to be comprehended by the foreigner.This read, appreciating the cultural barrier that the foreign literature work exists with us is a nike flykint lunar cheaptruth.Western and contemporary literature theory, with the literature of west practice for the foundation refine but become, don't  put of the four seas but all quasi-.To this, the western theoretician early has awake understanding.20th century, Switzerland linguist Suo clue linguistics theory of the Er gobbles up in the world and not only comes to a decision basic Fan Shi of modern linguistics, its influence still spreads into each realm of humanities social science, literature theoretically threatening force huge linguistics' changing direction is one of the outcome of this influence.China of

Some critics are also bent on here, concept addict to mimicry and shine on to move to keep off Chinese literature fulfillment and appreciate beauty, the not smooth operation is various fashionable theories, compulsorily explain literature work and literature experience in China.In fact, many western literature theoreticians also know by himself/herself, their theory be not widespreadly apply of can't put through text of the four seas but all quasi-.The beginning of own as early as linguistics theory birth, the Suo clue Er definitely points out:Our researches are limited by form sound system, especially is limited by to use today of take Greek alphabet as the system of original type.Suo Xu Er thinks that there are two kinds of writing systems in the world, a kind of is a form sound system, a kind of is form idea system, the Chinese characters is typical form idea system, oneself gets up by the form sound system establishment of linguistics theory, unwell used for Chinese characters.Regret of BE, don't think to the nike shox turbo 13 womenselucidation of this limited, a little bit local literature theoretician and critic idea, still fall overboard for not smooth a set is used with simple transplantation.The literature work of China, is appreciate beauty to construct or purchase in the system in the Chinese nation, to its evaluate and explain have to with appreciating beauty of race habit and appreciate beauty regulation for standard.Procrustean method, set

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